These subjects can be combined, allowing for ultimate flexibility catered to your course and teaching style. To get started, choose one of the zyBooks below and evaluate it. Anyone with a zyBooks account can view chapter 1 of any zyBook for free.

Programming in C++ - computer-science,engineering
Programming in C - computer-science,engineering
Programming in Java - computer-science
AP Java - computer-science
Java Early Objects - computer-science
Programming in Python 3 - computer-science
Programming in Python 2 - computer-science
Introduction to MATLAB - engineering
zyLabs: Programming - computer-science
Coding Practice Problems for C++ - computer-science
Data Structures Essentials - computer-science
Computing Technology for All - computer-science
Fundamental Programming Concepts - computer-science
Troubleshooting Basics - computer-science,engineering
Web Programming - computer-science
NI Circuits (3e) – Interactive Edition - engineering
COD – ARM - computer-science,engineering
COD – MIPS - computer-science,engineering
Programming Embedded Systems - engineering
Introduction to Computer Systems and Assembly Programming - computer-science,engineering
Digital Design - engineering
Circuits (Calculus) - engineering
Circuits (Algebra) - engineering
Material and Energy Balances - engineering
Linear Algebra - engineering,math
Discrete Mathematics - computer-science,math
Algebra - math
Precalculus: zyEdition - math
Calculus Volume 1: zyEdition - math
Calculus Volume 2: zyEdition - math
Calculus Volume 3: zyEdition - math
Fundamentals of Data Analytics (R) - math
Statistics for Data Analytics - math
Fundamentals of Data Analytics (Python) - math
Spreadsheets Essentials - computer-science,engineering,math
Mobile App Development - computer-science