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NI Circuits (3e) – Interactive Edition


  • Circuit Terminology
  • Resistive Circuits
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • RC and RL First-Order Circuits
  • RLC Circuits
  • ac Analysis
  • ac Power
  • Frequency Response of Circuits and Filters
  • Three-Phase Circuits
  • Magnetically Coupled Circuits
  • Circuit Analysis by Laplace Transform
  • Fourier Analysis Technique

Complete Table of Contents


  • Circuits (3rd ed) published by the National Technology & Science Press, brought to life with numerous integrated activities
  • Dozens of animations of concepts like solving an RLC circuit / 100s of interactive learning questions
  • Embedded auto-generated / graded challenges like reading resistor values
  • Homework points for student activity completion

The zyBooks Approach

This zyEdition provides a highly-engaging interactive approach to the Circuits (3rd ed) published by the National Technology & Science Press. A zyEdition is a product developed by adding interactive items to base textbook content, to improve learning.

The interactive version embeds hundreds of learning questions, converts various figures and examples into dynamic animations. Topics include resistive circuits, analysis techniques, ac analysis, three-phase circuits, and more.

As with other zyBooks, a key benefit of such interactivity is that students learn more, and come to lecture more engaged when points are given for completing the interactive activities beforehand. Auto-graded homework also gives students better feedback and frees teaching resources for higher-value interactions.