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Data Structures in C++

Contains more than 700 participation activities including questions, animations, tools and over 150 auto-graded programming challenge activities using built-in programming environment. Includes focus on solid understanding of memory usage and pointers, configurable sections to support early/late introduction to functions and objects, and additional material like arrays and structs. Web-based programming practice environment compiles and executes code in the zyBook.

Data Structures in Java

Contains more than 600 participation activities with questions, animations, tools and over 120 auto-graded programming challenge activities that use the built-in zyBooks programming environment. Configurable sections support early and late introduction to methods and objects while additional material includes command-line arguments and engineering examples.

Data Structures Essentials

This zyBook features highly visual content, bringing the world of data structures to life. Emphasizes essential data structures and algorithms with animations and tools that are an excellent match for teaching data structures. Contains programming language specific code examples for algorithms and sorting, as well as language-independent pseudocode for data structures to ensure mastery of the fundamental concepts.