Several centuries ago, university education was revolutionized by the advent of textbooks. Today, the modern web — with the recent emergence of HTML5, the cloud, ubiquitous WiFi, and low-cost laptops/tablets — empowers a new revolution.

zyBooks is pioneering a new kind of learning content, created specifically for the modern web. A zyBook is web-native interactive content that helps students learn challenging topics, with auto-grading that saves instructors time and leads to better-prepared students in class  — putting the fun back in learning.



For many students, STEM classes have become a barrier to their dreams instead of a challenge to overcome. With the right learning materials, however, these barriers can fall, helping students to bridge difficult learning gaps with confidence. zyBooks offers that confidence through effective content and powerful technology, giving every student the best, affordable tools for success.


For teachers, automated activity recording means grades can now be given for reading before class, leading to better-prepared students in class. Teachers are freed to engage their students in multiple ways: emphasize tough concepts, go over examples, have students work in groups, answer questions — whatever the teacher feels is best. Plus, automated homework and lab grading lets teachers focus less on mundane tasks, and more on higher-value and rewarding parts of teaching, like interacting with students, planning new activities, and more. And, the simplicity of a zyBook leads to happier students, which means happier teachers, too.


zyBooks knows that the difference between the prepared and the underprepared student often comes down to the quality of the learning materials. Out of date, obsolete textbooks are failing students and costing instructors valuable time. zyBooks’ replaces theoretical content and walls of information with a richer, more immediate learning experience through simulation environments, animations, and embedded tools, all proven to better prepare students and save instructors time.