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Less text doesn’t mean less learning.
Concise and engaging courseware helps students learn and retain more.

Concise text improves usability by as much as


Volume of text

Time students spent voluntarily learning


Traditional Textbooks

Students voluntarily spend twice as much time with zyBooks compared to traditional textbooks, even though the zyBooks have half as much text.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
—Albert Einstein

zyBooks use animations to dynamically illustrate complex concepts.

Each zyBook chapter contains animations, questions and interactive elements that help students internalize challenging concepts.

zyBooks uses thousands of questions integrated into the content to help concepts sink in.

zyBooks can include configurable embedded coding environments that allow students to work with real code, on the fly.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
—inspired by a Chinese philosopher, 818 AD

With zyBooks, you are free to rearrange sections and chapters at will. Add your own labs, and even combine multiple subjects to create a custom zyBook tailored specifically for your course.

Save hours grading each week with auto-graded assignments.

Challenge students with auto-generated exercises that are created and randomized dynamically.

Seeing up-to-date information on your students’ activity and progress is critical. With zyBooks, you have more data than you could possibly have with a traditional textbook.

“I’ve been excited from the beginning about zyBooks, because of the ability to configure the text to MY order. My class now flows and the content feels like a partner in that process.”
—Kris Miller, Lecturer, UC Riverside

The struggle is real.

For so many educators, all the extra stuff has become a drain. Class sizes are increasing while resources are shrinking. Constant grading and the never ending press of course management can take the joy out of teaching.

zyBooks can help.

Save hours grading each week with auto-graded assignments.

Challenge students with auto-generated exercises that are created and randomized dynamically.

Ensure students are actually participating with built-in analytics that allow you to assign points for reading and other tasks.

The solution is here.

zyBooks has been working since 2012 to offer the best STEM courseware. We currently provide courseware to 200,000+ students at over 400 universities, and we’re growing fast.

“My students say the interactive exercises help them visualize program execution. And monitoring students’ progress is an excellent instructor tool.”
David Walter, Virginia State University

“zyBooks gives just the right level of content for students learning to program, packaged in an interactive online experience that also allows for instructor customization. My students love it!”
Dale Reed, University of Chicago, Illinois

“The combination of online exercises, lectures, and targeted programming assignments, in addition to the book material, provides an effective, multi-­tiered approach.”
Philip Papadopoulos, UC San Diego

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