Student Feedback is vital to creating an effective learning experience. We survey all students at the end of every semester to gauge student satisfaction and to benchmark how we compare to other tools they use—so that we can keep improving. Below are the results from the Spring 2020 survey.

Pie Chart - Did zyBooks help your learning?

95% report that zyBooks help them learn.

zyBooks helped my learning.

“I am extremely grateful for the zyBooks community that is devoted to bringing an interactive and digital educational resource to help improve the education of STEM students.”

“I have used zyBooks for two classes and have bought courses for myself in other classes I am taking. I find it to be a huge help.”

“zyBooks has been a great experience and I recommend every professor to use it.”

“Honestly With the covid-19 epidemic zyBooks has made it SUPER easy to keep up with classes online”

“I loved working on the zyBooks assignments because they are super fun and informative.”

“I really enjoyed using zyBooks. I’m a visual learner and having the participation activities were very helpful. I was able to watch and learn how things were done. This was a great learning tool!”

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83% were pleased to have zyBooks as course materials.

Pie Chart - Students pleased that zyBooks was part of the assigned material for their course.