Table of Contents

1.1 Basic geometric objects
1.2 More about angles
1.3 Congruent objects and bisectors
1.4 Common relationships between angles
1.5 Proofs: Introduction
1.6 GeoGebra: Introduction

2.1 Triangle basics
2.2 The Pythagorean theorem
2.3 Congruent triangles
2.4 Similar triangles
2.5 Special right triangles
2.6 Proofs: Triangles
2.7 GeoGebra: Triangles

3.1 Quadrilateral basics
3.2 Diagonals
3.3 Proofs: Quadrilaterals
3.4 Geogebra: Quadrilaterals

4.1 Classifying polygons
4.2 Theorems about polygons
4.3 GeoGebra: Polygons

5.1 Perimeter
5.2 Area
5.3 Complex shapes
5.4 GeoGebra: Area and perimeter

6.1 Definitions and terminology
6.2 Circumference and area
6.3 Sectors and arc length
6.4 Theorems about circles
6.5 Proofs: Circles
6.6 GeoGebra: Circles

7.1 Volumes of common shapes
7.2 Volumes of cones and pyramids
7.3 Spheres
7.4 Surface area

8.1 Ratios in a right triangle
8.2 Finding unknown values

9.1 Distance, midpoint, and slope
9.2 Transformations
9.3 Isometries and composition of transformations
9.4 Symmetry
9.5 Proofs: Analytic geometry
9.6 GeoGebra: Transformations

10.1 Finite geometries
10.2 Taxicab geometry
10.3 Spherical geometry
10.4 Hyperbolic geometry

11.1 Exponents and the order of operations
11.2 Linear equations
11.3 Rectangular coordinate system
11.4 Introduction to vectors
11.5 Geometry formulas

What you’ll find in this zyBook:

More action with less text

  • Exceptionally interactive material on Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries
  • Hundreds of auto-graded activities such as question sets, animations, and challenge activities
  • An interactive embedded GeoGebra applet for doing geometry constructions
  • Interactive two-column proofs for Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries

The zyBooks Approach

Less text doesn’t mean less learning

This material provides an interactive approach to geometry. This release covers Euclidean plane geometry including two-column proofs for theorems on angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. The release also covers basic analytic and non-Euclidean geometries, and reviews basic trigonometry. The non-Euclidean geometry chapter covers axiomatic proofs. Constructions are included in the zyBook using an interactive GeoGebra tool.


Alan Bass

Senior Content Developer, zyBooks

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