Start your students in a professional cloud IDE on day one

Embed the cloud-based IDE directly into your course to power your coding instruction

  • Powerful IDE supports over 50 programming languages, including Python, Java, C, C++, and HTML
  • Online editor hosts VS Code, Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio, GitHub, and more
  • Students work in one environment for all their coding assignments; no more cutting and pasting
  • IDE runs any browser; no more complicated setups

Save time with a variety of new auto-grading options

  • Unit tests, including new professional unit testing frameworks like Python unittest, JUnit, and more.
  • Create custom bash tests to grade anything you can imagine: code style, execution outcomes, and more.

Collaborate in real-time with your students

  • Work with your students in real-time in the same, live coding environment
  • Give live feedback to your students as they’re coding
  • Transform office hours by working together with students on assignments in their own IDE

Work in professional IDEs

  • VS Code
  • Jupyter Notebook and R Studio
  • MySQL Workbench

Leverage more robust web programming options

  • Students will see live-rendered previews of their web applications.
  • Create or even upload your own advanced web application templates. Even libraries like React can be run and edited live.
  • Look for updated zyBooks-created content soon!

Create real-world applications within the cloud IDE

  • Serve projects as a web app with React or Angular frameworks
  • View projects as a desktop GUI
  • Build desktop programs and games with sound

Looking to convert your customized or cloned labs?

  • Select your custom lab from your zyBook, and select “clone”. From there, simply choose “Advanced” as your option.

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