Table of Contents

1.1 Background and syntax
1.2 Variables and data types
1.3 More variables
1.4 Arithmetic
1.5 Conditionals
1.6 Loops
1.7 Methods
1.8 Classes and objects
1.9 More classes
1.10 Inheritance
1.11 Interfaces
1.12 Structs and enums
1.13 Exceptions
1.14 Arrays
1.15 Strings
1.16 Collections
1.17 Delegates and lambda expressions
1.18 LINQ
1.19 File I/O
1.20 Interacting with file systems

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Please note, this is one module and there are no plans to expand coverage of this topic at this time.

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Say. We use concise text as a jumping board to our animations and learning questions.
Show. Much of a traditional textbook is replaced with animations to help students visualize key concepts.
Ask. Learning questions and auto-graded homework problems encouraged more student participation.


Frank McCown
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Harding University

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