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Material and Energy Balances


Matthew Liberatore

Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Toledo


  • Quantities, Units, Calculations
  • Material Balances
  • Reacting Systems
  • Solids, Liquids, and Gases
  • Multiphase Systems
  • Energy Balances
  • Reaction and Energy Balances
  • Transient Systems
  • Spreadsheets

Complete Table of Contents


  • Exceptionally-interactive introduction to Material and Energy Balances
  • Over 100 animations and dozens of interactive question sets
  • Over 200 auto-graded, randomly generated challenge questions
  • An extensive appendix section, featuring data tablesĀ (available for free here)

The zyBooks Approach

This zyBook provides a new, highly-interactive introduction to Material and Energy Balances, which is a first course in the exciting and growing field of Chemical Engineering. It is a complete replacement for existing textbooks on the topic and includes hundreds of interactive items proven to help students learn and stay engaged, and for which instructors often assign some homework points.

The basic concepts of mathematics, physics, and chemistry are applied to solving chemical engineering problems. Problem solving skills are developed for systems containing chemical reactions, multiphase and vapor-liquid equilibria, and recycle streams. Sketching process flow diagrams and calculating properties are also covered. Advanced topics include mass and energy balances for open, closed, transient, and reactive processes. Also, using a spreadsheet is detailed and offers basic skills used by many engineers.

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