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Computing Technology for All


Frank Vahid

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Univ. of California, Riverside

Susan Lysecky

Director of Content


  • History and Basics
  • Hardware and Software
  • The Internet and the Web
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Applications
  • Web / Mobile Apps
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • More Societal Issues
  • Information Systems

Complete Table of Contents


  • Real insights, experiences, and practical skills relating to the exciting world of computing technology
  • Numerous animations and interactive question sets
  • Built-in tools to enable interactive experiences with Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more

The zyBooks Approach

Understanding computing technology benefits nearly anybody today, not only demystifying the amazing world of the Internet, the web, computers, smartphones, the cloud, and more, but helping people become better purchasers and users of computing technology too. This zyBook uses animations, interactive questions, and plenty of built-in tools that are enjoyable and yield lasting learning. Users can do real Python programming, visually see how more memory or drives impact a computer, develop and preview working HTML, CSS, or Javascript, and much moreā€”all directly in this web-based zyBook. In contrast to most existing books that emphasize the memorization of endless terminology, this zyBook brings this exciting field to life for the student. The zyBook is also an excellent complement to a course that already has an existing office-applications lab component.