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David A. Patterson

University of California, Berkeley

John L. Hennessy

Stanford University


  • Computer Abstractions and Technology
  • Instructions: Language of the Computer
  • Arithmetic for Computers
  • The Processor Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy
  • Parallel Processors from Client to Cloud
  • The Basics of Logic Design
  • Graphics and Computing GPUs
  • Mapping Control to Hardware
  • A Survey of RISC Architectures

Complete Table of Contents


  • Brings COD – ARM Edition to life with numerous integrated activities
  • Dozens of animations of concepts like pipelining / hundreds of interactive learning questions
  • Embedded auto-generated, auto-graded challenges like LEGv8 assembly programming (subset of ARMv8)
  • Homework points for student activity completion

The zyBooks Approach

Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of computer organization, emphasizing the relationship between hardware and software at various levels. Topics include assembly language, hardware, pipelining, memory hierarchies, I/O, and parallelism. Design paradigms are grounded through numerous examples with a LEGv8 processor implementation.

The interactive version embeds 100s of learning questions, converts various figures and examples into dynamic animations (assembly execution, datapath operation, pipeline, etc.), and includes auto-generated auto-graded challenge activities (“homework problems”) throughout the material. As with other zyBooks, a key benefit of such interactivity is that students learn more, and come to lecture more engaged when points are given for completing the interactive activities beforehand. Auto-graded homework also gives students better feedback and frees teaching resources for higher-value interactions.