zyBook - Circuits (Algebra) Cover Art

Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Electricity and magnetism
1.3 Current
1.4 Voltage
1.5 Energy and power
1.6 Resistors
1.7 Ohm’s Law
1.8 Voltage sources
1.9 Current sources
1.10 Switches
1.11 Simple circuit examples
1.12 Capacitors
1.13 Inductors
1.14 Nonideal voltage sources
1.15 Nonideal current sources
1.16 Electrical safety

2.1 Conductance
2.2 Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law
2.3 Series and parallel combinations
2.4 Voltage divider
2.5 Kirchhoff’s Current Law
2.6 Current divider
2.7 Maximum power transfer
2.8 Delta-wye (pi-tee) transformations
2.9 Nonlinear resistors
2.10 Practical resistors
2.11 Variable resistance

3.1 Superposition and linearity
3.2 Node analysis
3.3 Mesh analysis
3.4 Thevenin equivalent
3.5 Norton equivalent
3.6 Source transformations

4.1 Capacitor constitutive law
4.2 Inductor constitutive law
4.3 RC circuit first-order response
4.4 RL circuit first-order response
4.5 Singularity functions
4.6 First-order circuit response
4.7 Second-order circuits
4.8 Second-order circuit response

5.1 Dependent sources
5.2 Ideal op-amp
5.3 Feedback
5.4 Inverting amplifier
5.5 Noninverting amplifier
5.6 Integrator and differentiator
5.7 Practical op-amps
5.8 Multiple op-amp circuits

6.1 Sinusoidal steady state
6.2 Resistor impedance
6.3 Capacitor impedance
6.4 Inductor impedance
6.5 Admittance
6.6 First-order circuit frequency response
6.7 Logarithmic frequency response plots
6.8 Second order circuit frequency response
6.9 Practical capacitors and inductors
6.10 Phasors
6.11 RMS voltages and currents
6.12 Reactive power
6.13 Complex power
6.14 Power factor correction

What You’ll Find In This zyBook:

More action with less text.

  • Highly interactive introduction to circuits
  • Numerous animations and interactive question sets
  • A complete textbook replacement proven to engage students

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The zyBooks Approach

Less text doesn’t mean less learning.

This zyBook provides an exceptionally-interactive introduction to Circuits, intended for a typical “Circuits 101” course required for electrical engineers, computer engineers, and others. This zyBook teaches the basics of linear circuit analysis using Algebra. About 100 animations powerfully convey key concepts. About 1,000 learning questions keep students engaged. As with other zyBooks, a key benefit of such interactivity is that students learn more, and come to lecture more engaged when points are given for completing activities beforehand. Instructors can see students’ activity completion. This zyBook replaces a traditional textbook, and is modular so can be rearranged by instructors and combined with other zyBooks like MATLAB.

“The most striking aspect of ZyBooks for me as an instructor has been the ability to introduce a topic and then point my students to specific exercises/activities in ZyBooks that would not only expound on the concept but allow them to practice them with confidence.”