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Circuits (Algebra)


  • Basic Electricity
  • Resistor Networks
  • Network Analysis
  • Time-Domain Circuit Analysis
  • Op-Amps
  • Frequency-Domain Circuit Analysis

Complete Table of Contents


  • Highly interactive introduction to circuits
  • Numerous animations and interactive question sets
  • A complete textbook replacement proven to engage students

The zyBooks Approach

This zyBook provides an exceptionally-interactive introduction to Circuits, intended for a typical “Circuits 101” course required for electrical engineers, computer engineers, and others. This zyBook teaches the basics of linear circuit analysis using Algebra. About 100 animations powerfully convey key concepts. About 1,000 learning questions keep students engaged. As with other zyBooks, a key benefit of such interactivity is that students learn more, and come to lecture more engaged when points are given for completing activities beforehand. Instructors can see students’ activity completion. This zyBook replaces a traditional textbook, and is modular so can be rearranged by instructors and combined with other zyBooks like MATLAB.