Tracing Algorithms

Are animations helpful to student comprehension of complex concepts? See what Dr. Michael Goldwasser recommends and how zyBooks can help you deliver.

Tips for Teaching your Web Programming Course

Learning some of these facts about zyBooks might just help your course run more smoothly.
zyVersion - Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 10th Edition Cover

Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction (10e)

Based on the 10th edition of Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, the zyVersion contains the complete text of the original book + new interactive features.

Material and Energy Balances

Exceptionally-interactive introduction to Material and Energy Balances containing over 100 animations and dozens of interactive question sets and over 600 auto-graded, randomly generated challenge questions. Also features an extensive appendix section with data tables.
zyVersion - Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics
Spreadsheet Essentials zyBook Cover Art

Spreadsheet Essentials

A breakthrough primer on using spreadsheets in any discipline. Contains more than 40 animations demonstrating simple to advanced functions and over 120 auto-graded questions provide students practice with spreadsheets.