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zyBooks Digital Design with new zyLabs

See the variety of tools that provide an exceptionally hands-on approach to presenting digital design by combining theory and practice, including various web-based simulators, like a circuit simulator, finite-state machine simulator, high-level state machine simulator, datapath simulator, and more, plus numerous tools, like a Boolean algebra tool, a K-map minimizer tool, and more. 

Introducing: Data Science Foundations in zyBooks

Learn about the only interactive learning solution for Intro/Fundamentals of Data Science. This new zyBook covers data preprocessing, regression techniques, supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, decision trees, neural networks, ensemble methods, and model evaluation techniques.

Managing Stress and Overcoming Burnout

For many computer science and engineering instructors, anxiety and stress are all too familiar feelings. To support our community of zyBooks instructors, we’re exploring the topic of mental health in STEM higher education and raising actionable strategies to help professors overcome burnout.