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Programming in C++


  • Variables and Assignments
  • Branches
  • Loops
  • Vectors
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Objects and Classes
  • Pointers
  • Streams
  • Inheritance
  • Recursion
  • Exceptions
  • Templates
Available with zyLabs


  • ~700 participation activities: Questions, animations, tools
  • 150+ auto-graded programming challenge activities using built-in programming environment
  • Includes focus on solid understanding of memory usage and pointers
  • Configurable sections support early/late introduction to functions and objects
  • Additional material includes arrays and structs

A web-based programming practice environment is provided to compile and execute code in one place, while “tinker” tools – which include responsive compiler messages – allow students to develop an intuition and skill for coding.

The zyBooks Approach

Provides interactive learning of programming foundations and C++. Emphasizes a solid understanding of memory. From the moment variables are introduced, the material shows via animations how variables exist and are updated in memory. The continued showing of memory throughout helps clarify challenging topics like pass-by-copy/reference parameters, vectors/arrays, pointers, and more. Furthermore, the material includes emphasis on disciplined program development, including incremental development, modular development, and testing/debugging.

This zyBook can also be mix-and-matched with others, such as with Data Structures Essentials (a popular combination).

“It is already clear that this represents the future of programming text books. Its basic expository content is the equal of any paper text, but it really shines in using the natural advantages of online vs. static teaching material ­ animation and interactivity ­ to excellent effect, giving the student an additional dimension of insight.”

– Brian Linard, Lecturer, UC Riverside