Programming in Java

Contains more than 600 participation activities with questions, animations, tools and over 120 auto-graded programming challenge activities that use the built-in zyBooks programming environment. Configurable sections support early and late introduction to methods and objects while additional material includes command-line arguments and engineering examples.
zyBook - Database Systems with SQL Cover Art

Web Programming

Highly-interactive introduction to Web Programming using the HTML5 standard containing numerous animations and interactive question sets. Topics include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Mobile web, Node.js, databases. Introduces full-stack development of web applications with over 150 seamlessly integrated, auto-generated and auto-graded challenge questions.

Mobile App Development with Android and Java

Provides a highly-interactive introduction to Mobile App Development featuring 300+ participation activities, animations and question sets. This zyBook is targeted towards devices running Android using the Java programming language. Topics include user interface components, fragments, application resources, and sensors.
zyBook - Mobile App Development with Kotlin