Active Learning Approach to Operating System Concepts

30 years of teaching experience informs key concepts where…

Tracing Algorithms

Are animations helpful to student comprehension of complex concepts? See what Dr. Michael Goldwasser recommends and how zyBooks can help you deliver.

Tips for Teaching your Web Programming Course

Learning some of these facts about zyBooks might just help your course run more smoothly.
AP Computer Science Principles Cover

AP Computer Science Principles

Presents a highly interactive overview of the AP Computer Science Principles' big ideas: Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, The Internet, and Global Impact, and provides real insights, experiences, and practical skills relating to the exciting world of computing technology.

AP Computer Science A (Java)

Contains more than 600 participation activities including questions, animations, tools and over 100 auto-graded programming challenge activities using built-in programming environment. Dozens of problems for practicing AP exam questions. Configurable sections support early/late introduction to methods and objects.