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Mobile App Development


Frank McCown

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Harding University


  • Introduction
  • Layouts and Widgets
  • Activities and Intents
  • Menus, Dialogs, and Touch
  • Fragments
  • Working with Data
  • Running Background Tasks
  • Graphics, Animation, and Sound
  • Sensors, Camera, and Location
  • Testing

 Complete Table of Contents


  • Provides a highly-interactive introduction to Mobile App Development
  • Targeted towards devices running Android using the Java programming language
  • Topics include user interface components, fragments, application resources, and sensors
  • 300+ participation activities: Animations and question sets
  • The zyBooks Approach

    Mobile devices have become immensely popular in the last decade, and users are spending more time on mobile devices than on desktop computers. This initial release covers the development of mobile applications, including Android Studio, application resources, sensors, model-view-controller design pattern, user interface (UI) components, activities and intents, and fragments. This zyBook is a complete replacement for existing textbooks on the topic and includes hundreds of interactive items proven to help students learn and stay engaged, and for which instructors often assign some homework points.

    This zyBook can also be mix-and-matched with others, such as Programming in Java or Web Programming.