In a previous post, we shared some responses from our zyBooks colleagues to the question “Why do you work at zyBooks?” We went around the office (and the virtual office around the country) to capture some more of what drives our company.

Through education, people’s lives change. I am proud to be part of an ed-tech company that puts its focus on the success of students. By delivering innovative and interactive learning materials to students, we make an impact on their success. At zyBooks, I get to work with an amazing group of people who are diverse, professional, and passionate. We are united by a mission that will redefine how technical and analytical subjects are taught. Yet work is not all about business, we know how to have fun!

As a professor at the University of Arizona, I’ve always been driven in my teaching by a strong desire to help students to succeed in their studies. My teaching focuses on using active-learning methods that engage students in learning through in-class activities and problem solving, rather than passively listening long lectures. I love working at zyBooks creating student-focused material that similarly uses active-learning methods. One of the most rewarding aspects of working at zyBooks is hearing feedback from students on how zyBooks has helped them succeed.

zyBooks is a one of a kind EdTech company that truly cares about STEM students’ success – a “learn by doing” approach, teaching via affordable interactive materials in an engaged classroom that better prepare students and save instructors time. As an Account Executive, my passion in sharing the zyBooks message is compounded by the opportunity I have in showing instructors real, effective and proven tools that lead to a win/win situation for their students and themselves. The best part of my job is walking with the first-time zyBooks’ user and receiving mid and end of semester positive student/instructor feedback – it’s why we do what we do!

I think that higher education is ripe for innovation. The tools we have at hand, including the internet and communication technology, can be leveraged to provide a better learning experience for students of all types. zyBooks brings together the people who can make this vision a reality.