To access the full interactive capability of zyBooks, you must be connected to the internet. For the best experience, zyBooks recommends using the most updated version of the supported browsers listed below:

  • Chrome 103
  • Firefox 102
  • Edge 110
  • Safari 15.6
  • Opera 89

For mobile use, zyBooks are optimized for use on tablet form factors. Your zyBook may be visible on a phone form factor, but has not been optimized for this experience.

If you are using a version of one of the browsers listed above, and your zyBook is not working as expected, please try one of the following actions:

  1. Determine if your internet browser is updated- update if needed
  2. Use a different browser (in its latest version)

If the above solutions do not remedy the issue(s), please contact us at with the following details:

  • An explanation of the issue
  • The operating system, browsers, and versions you’ve tried
  • A screenshot of your issue