Reading analytics and student performance when using an interactive textbook for a material and energy balances course

Published 2016


Prof. Matthew W Liberatore
University of Toledo

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Interactive textbooks provide instant feedback to students as well as to the professor. Previously, features of an interactive textbook from zyBooks for a material and energy balance course were detailed, including scaffolded question sets and animations. While newer features will be presented, quantifying student usage will be central to this contribution. Recent findings showed student reading/participation averaged 87% over the entire interactive web book over the entire semester for a course with 100 students, which far exceeds the less than 30% reading statistic in the literature. Final course grades for students using this zyBook correlated with the average reading scores. Additionally, statistically significant higher textbook reading scores were observed for students earning A and B final course grades compared to C, D, and F final grades as well as female students compared to male students. New data relating final course grades and book reading will be presented. One new feature, challenge activities, are personalized, auto-graded homework with scaffolded questions across 3 to 6 levels per activity. The increasing difficulty was verified by student success rates.

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