Welcome to your class zyBook

Learn how to set up your zyBook with the appropriate TAs, organize your class roster, class sections, and inform your students how to get access to your class.

Built-in homework system

You can now save time with our built-in homework system. The interactive question sets are auto-generated and auto-graded to provide your students with instant feedback. The progressive questions increase in difficulty as your students master key topics.

Configuring your zyBook

You can configure your zyBook to tailor the material to your needs. Easily drag and drop to rearrange chapters, set specific sections to optional, move them to other chapters, or move them to unused to permanently hide from students.


Our Assignments feature allows you to assign zyBook activities with a specific due date and time. For your students, we have included features that allow them to easily view their assignments and their associated progress, navigate between and within assignments, and complete activities while maintaining their core zyBook experience.

Activity Reports

You can easily view the completion percentages of individual students or your entire class. You can further select and export that data to easily integrate with your gradebook.

Instructor Notes

You can now add instructor notes anywhere in the content. Use Markdown to add links and style your notes. You can include due dates or explain your own take on a given concept.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode hides text and questions, and instead shows interactive features that are perfect for in-class demonstrations. Terms and definitions are converted to large bulleted text, and you can easily navigate from section to section while presenting.


The customizable search feature allows you and your students a quick way to find everywhere a topic is covered.