Meet the zyCommunity


As a professor-founded company, we often say, “Students first, instructors a close second.” So when the world changed and our instructors needed connection more than ever, we knew we had to help. In addition to introducing our COVID-19 Digital Care Package, developing best practices on how to pivot to online learning, and more, we looked for more ways to bring our instructors together.

Now, meet the zyCommunity

Get to know a unique community of professors, lecturers, specialists, deans, chairs, you name it — all dedicated to the mission of improving STEM higher education. These top-tier educators join together in the zyCommunity online discussion space to swap insights and best practices while building professional and personal connections.

What you can expect from the zyCommunity:

  • Connect with like-minded instructors dedicated to student success.
  • Learn about upcoming community events and opportunities.
  • Gain access to exclusive zyBooks best practices and tips.

Your voice matters

In the same way that we approach our products, we’re working closely with instructors to design new programs to support your growth and development. Your feedback has already made an impact — inspiring our events, guiding updates to our online discussion forum, and more. We’ve got plenty up our sleeve, so stay tuned.

Want to get involved?

If you’re a zyBooks user, join us in the zyCommunity. Access this exclusive discussion space from the top right of your zyBooks library.

Not a user? Chat with us on social media, where we post about upcoming events for you to connect with us and other instructors. We’d love to see you there. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.