Our researchers are consumers, facilitators, and conductors of educational research. We collaborate often with instructors, researchers, and department heads to both help facilitate and design and conduct peer-reviewed research studies to share insights we encounter about student learning and to improve the quality of products and services that we create. The following are situations we would love to hear from you about. You can reach us at research@zybooks.com.

  • You have conducted your own research using zyBooks in a course and would like to share or discuss that research with us, or even extend that research with additional behavioral data we can provide to you

  • You want to learn more about research that we’ve published or are currently working on.List Title 2

  • You want to be a low-effort collaborator in research efforts (i.e., distribute surveys to your students)

  • You want to be involved in large-scale efficacy studies by sharing your grade distribution or retention data before/after switching to using zyBooks to help determine impact across disciplines

  • Design and conduct collaborative research studies together in one of various interest areas (integrity, self-efficacy, student attitudes and perceptions, or others)