“Go women engineers!” – a zyBooks Panel Discussion (plus links)

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Today, just 15% of engineers are women. It’s a statistic that zyBooks is committed to improving.

To mark International Women in Engineering Day this June 23rd, we brought together an esteemed group of our engineering colleagues to talk about their own professional journeys, the challenges they and other women face in the field, and how to inspire more girls and women to become engineers. 

Watch the highlights and the full conversation below, and check out a list of related links to research, articles, resources, and more, to help you take action. 

The zyBooks Panel

Yasaman Adibi

PhD Electrical Engineering, Engineering Content Author, zyBooks

Smita Bakshi

PhD Computer and Electrical Engineering, Senior Vice President of Academic Learning, Wiley

Alicia Clark

PhD Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Content Developer, zyBooks

Sophia Flucker

BS Mechanical Engineering, Corporate Technical Director & Engineering Content Author, Wiley

Nikitha Sambamurthy

PhD Engineering Education, Editorial Director, zyBooks (moderator) 

What are the challenges women face in engineering? 

How do you inspire more women to become engineers? 

What advice do you have for women on their engineering journey? 

Women in Engineering Day 2023 Panel Discussion 



How to be a great advocate for women in engineering (PDF)

Role models 

Girls in STEM: Is it a female role-model thing?


Retention and persistence of women and minorities along the engineering pathway in the United States (Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research) 

Professional development programs for women in academic science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields: enhancing retention and promotion 

Women in engineering: A review of the 2019 literature

I am done with this! Women dropping out of engineering majors

What universities are doing 

Strategies for Retention and Recruitment of Women and Minorities in Computer Science and Engineering (University of North Texas)

Women in engineering at North Carolina State University: An effort in recruitment, retention, and encouragement

Recruitment and retention of women graduate students in computer science and engineering: results of a workshop organized by the computing research association (Note: Focus on Graduate Students)

Professional organizations

Society of Women Engineers 

National Society of Black Engineers 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

American Indian Science and Engineering Society 

National Society of Professional Engineers 


What managers can do to keep women in engineering (Harvard Business Review)  

A year into the pandemic: an update on women in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine

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