Webinar: Teaching a CS course in just 5 hrs per week

Does teaching online in the fall seem like a daunting task?

Friday 7/31 at 10 am PT

Monday 8/3 at 9 am PT



Many CS teachers look for ways to improve CS courses. But improvements often require extensive time for setup, training, and/or throughout the term – time that we just don’t have.

Frank Vahid, professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Riverside, spends just 5 hours per week teaching an online CS1 class to 80-100 students, yet his students perform very well, and the course evaluations are among the highest on campus. This webinar explains how. Frank will list the few hours of preterm setup, explain the use of a pre-configured zyBook for reading/homework/labs throughout the term, and detail the teacher’s weekly work.

Frank has worked personally with dozens of faculty across the country to transition their courses, and we hope this webinar helps others embark on this efficient, effective, and very fun way of teaching CS.

Frank Vahid
Webinar Presented by Frank Vahid

Frank Vahid is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, since 1994. He is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of zyBooks, which creates web-native interactive learning content to replace college textbooks and homework. His research interests include learning methods to improve college student success especially for CS and STEM freshmen and sophomores, and also embedded systems software and hardware.