Webinar: Introducing Coral

A New Language for Improved Learning of Coding.

Thursday, April 9, 2020 from 1-2pm EST

Why Another Programming Language?

Students in introductory programming classes often struggle early with the syntax and tools of
commercial languages like Python, Java, or C++. As a result, an ultra-simple language, Coral, was
born for students to learn programming, designed to lead students into learning a commercial language. Coral’s text syntax looks like pseudocode but is executable. In this webinar, Coral co-founder Frank Vahid walks you through:

  • The simplicity of the Coral language and ways to convey visually.
  • How to successfully implement in CS0 courses, as well as in the first weeks of a CS1 course that transitions to a commercial language like C++.
  • Using Coral to help teach key programming concepts — variables, assignments, branches, loops, arrays, and functions.

Frank Vahid
Webinar Presented by Frank Vahid

Frank Vahid is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, since 1994. He is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of zyBooks, which creates web-native interactive learning content to replace college textbooks and homework. His research interests include learning methods to improve college student success especially for CS and STEM freshmen and sophomores, and also embedded systems software and hardware.

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