Student feedback is vital to creating an effective learning experience. Every day, we receive questions and comments from students about zyBooks. Some of these students were kind enough to allow their comments to be shared – hear what they have to say!

I have previously used zyBooks in my first Java class and found it to be profoundly helpful, but my current class does not use zyBooks. As I find this more helpful than a textbook, I would like to inquire about the pricing of a Programming in Java subscription of my own.

Zachary HGrand Valley State University

I am taking [C++] right now but I am struggling in understanding the basics. It would be helpful if I could use this website as a tool on the side. I’ve used it for C Programming with my previous professor and enjoyed it a lot. I am sure C++ will be a breeze as well if I had this tool.

Manprit HeerUniversity of California, Davis

I had trouble understanding nested loops in other programming classes. These exercises really helped me get through them. Good job! 🙂

Joseph BeaudionSouthern New Hampshire University

[zyBooks] is the most intuitive and well-explained material I have ever come across and I have tried at least half a dozen other platforms.

Josh LitwickiUniversity of Illinois

I am a Computer Science student that is absolutely thrilled by the approach you have taken… I am currently using [zyBooks] for my C++ class and it is my wish to learn Java alongside my current course. How can I go about getting access to the other content?

W. JosephHunter College, CUNY

I am taking a class on C++ next fall semester, my professor has not told us that he will be using zyBooks for the class, but I had a professor that used it last semester and I personally found it very helpful and was interested in possibly buying it as a reference?

Tucker MogrenSUNY Polytechnic Institute

There are a number of classes [at my school] that are either not offered or simply beyond the scope of my major. There is no computer science major here; everything programming or circuit logic-wise is beyond the scope of what FLC covers, but is necessary for what I’m aiming for as a future career (quantum computation and information, AdS/CFT, other theoretical physics). So far I love what I’ve seen on zyBooks; it’s very much in line with my learning style, and the immediate feedback is great. If there is some way you guys could let me go through the rest of these books, I’d really appreciate it!

Henry T.Fort Lewis College

zyBooks is a more understanding and optimal way for learning computer science.

Derek KneiselThe College of New Jersey

Love your work so far, I’ve told all my professors and friends about how amazing the zyBooks I’ve used so far are. Keep up the good work, you’re making a difference in this student’s education 🙂

Jusung LeeTexas A&M University

I took an intro to Java class IT-145 and zyBooks was one of the best resources I have ever used to learn…I have done at least 20 classes on, 3 on, a few on Coursera and Udemy. The interactive immediate feedback is incredible.

Emmanuel AubreySouthern New Hampshire University

I am currently interested in buying Programming in Java for a class I will be taking in the fall… My university has moved away from zyBooks to a different learning platform however from past experience I find zyBooks to be a vital learning tool for me.

Angel PaganStony Brook University

I actually am taking a class with your company, and I found it extremely intuitive and easy to learn from the first exercise. So I decided to look at your other books. I saw that you had a book on C programming, and I have been struggling to find a course that taught this language, eventually trying Coursera’s course and finding it inadequate. I know C++, but not C in particular, and C is a needed skill for the industry I am going into, so finding something so intuitive seems like a godsend to me.

David McKeeUNC Charlotte

I think zyBooks are going to become a big thing.

Dev PatelElmhurst College