An Interactive Web Native Textbook for Material and Energy Balances

Published 2016


Prof. Matthew W Liberatore
University of Toledo

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Textbooks are experiencing a 21st century makeover. The utility of the textbook has diminished for the digital natives populating higher education today. The concept behind the Material and Energy Balances (MEB) zyBook® is to have students interact with the electronic book. While textbooks focus on the lowest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, namely remembering and understanding, engineers need the higher levels skills of applying and analyzing to earn an accredited undergraduate degree. The animations and question sets in the interactive, online format provide an excellent delivery of engineering course material. The zyBook format has been successful in other engineering disciplines and now has been translated to chemical engineering content. Data on the students’ usage during the Spring 2016 semester as well as survey responses related to the new textbook format will be included in the talk.

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