Meet the zyBooks development team

Sometimes in the midst of all the great tech that surrounds us, it can be easy to forget that the cool websites, great apps, and can’t-live-without devices that you use daily are designed and built by teams of people.

I’d like to introduce one of our core teams at zyBooks, our product development team.

dev team

That’s me on the very right… My name is Scott and I oversee our engineering effort for zyBooks.  I started with the company in February, making me the rookie amongst this group!  I have had the fortune to work with this group in rethinking and redesigning our platform from the ground up.  The output of our effort a faster, more modern looking, and more fun website that delivers our STEM-based content in a really easy and intuitive manner.

Right next to me is Alex.  Alex is the creative genius behind many of the interactive tools in our zyBooks that really differentiate our material from other content.  Alex has a passion for taking hard concepts and making them easy or straightforward through the use of animation and interactions, both hallmarks of our platform.

To the left of Alex is Daniel.  Among other things, Daniel is in charge of our backend server development.  This includes a variety of tasks, but at a high-level means making sure zyBooks are delivered correctly and quickly.  Daniel is determined to deliver the fastest possible product, and his efforts serve as the foundation for our entire platform.

Sarah stands tall next to Daniel. Sarah takes great pride in building intuitive animations that turn that difficult What are Pointers concept in C++ to an instant Ahamoment.  Sarah has also been pivotal in giving our product a face, building our home and feature pages that we’re excited to release soon.

Josh shows off his serious face right by Sarah. Josh mainly works on and has made big contributions to our front-end website, a project we affectionately call zyWeb. He is also responsible for several internal tools to help us address your issues/concerns/bugs as quickly as possible.

All the way to the left is Ryan.  Ryan has been described by some as the face of zyBooks, and for good reason.  If you’ve ever had to contact zyBooks Support, you’ve likely interacted with Ryan (actually, our whole team deals with supports issues because our product development team is the support team).  Ryan and rest of the team make sure your issues are given the priority they deserve, and we pride ourselves in our support effort.  Ryan also works on system-wide unit testing, ensuring confidence in app reliability and performance.

Not shown in the photo is our newest team member Susan – she’s based in Arizona. Susan mainly works on content development, and has been working hard on one of our newest zyBooks Digital Design which we are all excited about.

Of course, we are but a part of the zyBooks ecosystem. We have a fantastic group of authors, both internal and external, who contribute amazing content (which makes our platform useful), a talented sales and marketing team, and a host of others who have helped us with quality assurance over the years.

We are very proud of what we’ve built, and are even more excited to continue to deliver new features and support to you in the coming months.

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