Introducing Advanced zyLabs

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We’re excited to announce that zyBooks’ Advanced zyLabs beta release is now available for developing instructor-created content. What’s advanced about these labs? 

Advanced zyLabs includes over 50 language configurations, a professional-grade development environment, powerful instructor tools and advanced auto-grading. 

  • Build real-world projects with large data files, custom libraries and command-line tools. 
  • Create full-stack web apps with React, Node and Django.
  • Work with industry standard IDEs like Jupyter Studio and RStudio embedded in the browser. 
  • And much more

The Advanced zyLabs IDE is built into your zyBooks so students don’t need to open additional environments. And instructors benefit from collaborative code-editing in a full Linux environment, real-time feedback, and custom auto-grading with unit testing and Bash script testing frameworks. 

Check out this short video to learn more:

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