Managing Cognitive Load, Part 2: A zyBooks Panel Discussion (Video)

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Here’s the second part of our conversation with zyBooks experts on how to best manage cognitive load. Last week, we dug into how to optimize students’ mental effort in courseware and your classroom. This week our panel will discuss how we manage cognitive load in zyBooks and what we’ve learned from research. And we’ll include a special section for students on how they can manage their own cognitive load as they learn. Listen on!

(And please watch the full panel here.)

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How We Manage Cognitive Load at zyBooks

zyBooks Research on Concise Text

Advice for Students to Manage Their Cognitive Load

zyBooks Panel

Dr. Chelsea Gordon

Chelsea is the Research and Data Analytics Lead at zyBooks, where she conducts research showing the impact of zyBooks’ pedagogy on student learning and student engagement, as well as the potential impact of introducing new tools and features to the platform. Chelsea holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. 

Nikitha Sambamurthy

Dr. Nikitha Sambamurthy

Nikitha is an Editorial Director at zyBooks, where she runs engineering content and conducts engineering education research. She holds a BS in electrical engineering and a PhD in engineering education. 

Jane Snare

zyBooks’ Senior Manager of Authoring, Jane helps authors apply zyBooks pedagogy and best practices in digital education. Prior to joining zyBooks, Jane worked in academia for two decades in both faculty development and teaching roles. Jane holds a master’s degree in Instructional Technology.

How We Manage Cognitive Load at zyBooks

In this video, the panel discusses the zyBooks approach: 

zyBooks Research on Concise Text

The panel shares what we’ve learning in our research on the benefits of concise text: 

Advice for Students to Help Manage Their Cognitive Load

Students juggle classes, homework, even jobs. How can they best manage their own cognitive load? Our panel weighs in: 

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