"I liked how it was interactive and I actually had to do work every week."
— MacKenzie Rodgers, University of Guelph
"C++ was by far the class I had the most fun with. It was due to my confidence and how well zyBooks covered the material."
— Charly Sandoval, University of Illinois, Chicago
"zyBooks was incredibly clear and I praise how it doesn't overload you with information. It's all in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks."
— Manuel Armenta Batt, Valencia College
"I learn best visually, so the animations really helped me understand data structures."
— Matt Walz, Tulsa Community College
"The quick and comprehensive explanations of topics and activities that followed them...it all felt very cohesive and was very informative."
— Sean Biava, University of Florida
"I liked how each chapter explained a topic well using examples and that we were also asked to implement what we had just read (through challenge activities) to ensure that we really understood the concept."
— Laiba Mustafa, University of Guelph
"I really liked the interactive activities that were scattered throughout the sections. They were useful in helping me to understand the material."
— Kenneth David, University of California San Diego
"It really breaks down complicated concepts into simple exercises that give you a chance to digest concepts outside of confusing programs."
— Katherine Murphy, Clemson University
"I liked how each of the sections were set up and separated so that each subject would be more distinct and then built on top of in the next section."
— Timothy Thayne, Utah Valley University