We are excited to deliver the ability to share your zyLabs with other fellow zyBooks instructors. Here is what you can do:

  • Share your zyLabs with specific zyBooks instructors. Your colleagues can then add a copy of your lab into their own zyBook.
  • Make your labs public. Any verified zyBooks instructor with a link to the lab can add a copy to their zyBook. You can unshare and make your lab private any time.

Open any zyLab and find the Share button.

You can make your zyLab public, so any verified instructor can find if they have the url.

Or choose to explicitly share with only those instructors you choose.

Any instructor you explicitly share with will receive an email with a link to the zyLab.

You can also find labs shared with you by clicking Add lab > Copy zyLab and selecting the Labs shared with mex tab.

As an example, our good friend Dr. Joe Hummel, has agreed to make one of his zyLabs public for you to see how the new feature works.  Click the link below to check it out.