Complete release notes for Fall 2018 are available here.

All updates made for current Spring 2018 zyBooks are available here. Read below for highlights of the major changes.

For 2018, zyBooks are enhanced with two significant features: assignments and improved search functionality. You can learn more about them here.

Updates to programming language titles

Significant updates have been made to sections of Programming for C, C++, Java, AP Java, Java Early Objects, and Introduction to MATLAB. See the complete release notes here. See what we’re working on for Fall 2018 updates here.

New for Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics offers updates to 6 sections, new challenge activities in 10 sections, and a testbank. See the complete release notes here.

Platform update


  • New challenge activities
    • Ohm’s Law
    • Resistors
    • Capacitors
    • Inductors
    • Series and parallel resistor combinations
    • Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law
    • Voltage divider
    • Kirchhoff’s Current Law
    • Current divider
    • Delta-wye (pi-tee) transformations
    • Nodal analysis
    • Mesh analysis
    • Thevenin equivalent
    • Norton equivalent
    • Capacitor constitutive law
    • Inductor constitutive law
    • First-order sourceless circuits
    • First-order circuit response
    • Dependent sources
    • Inverting amplifier
    • Noninverting amplifier
    • Sinusoidal steady state
    • Phasors

Material and Energy Balances

  • New chapter: Spreadsheets
      • Spreadsheet basics
      • Spreadsheet formulas
      • Functions
      • Creating a chart

Web Programming

  • New sections
    • PHP Data Objects (PHP)
  • Modified sections
    • MySQL (PHP) split into MySQL (PHP) and MySQLi (PHP)
  • New challenge activities
    • Basic HTML tags
    • Lists
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Links
    • HTML containers
    • Forms
    • Common widgets
    • Using CSS in HTML
    • Basic selectors
    • Advanced selectors
    • Common properties
    • Box model
    • Positioning elements
    • Special effects
    • Page layout
    • Styling forms
    • Syntax and variables
    • Arithmetic
    • Conditionals
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Arrays
    • Objects
    • String, Date, and Math objects
    • Exception handling
    • Using JavaScript with HTML
    • Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Event-driven programming
    • Form validation
    • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • XMLHttpRequest (Ajax)
    • Regular expressions
    • Classes
    • Web storage
    • Selectors
    • Events
    • DOM manipulation
    • Ajax
    • Viewport
    • Fluid layouts

Computer Organization and Design (ARM)


New release for Fall 2017.

Independent Learner Products

Since we launched zyBooks, students have been asking us for ways to access additional learning materials. Now, we offer two types of additional materials that learners can purchase independently or as part of a traditional course.

  • Coding Practice
    • Currently available: C++
    • Nearly 100 practice problems give students more opportunity to hone their programming skills
  • zyCourses
    • Currently available: Python
    • Coming soon: Java, Mobile App Development, Web Development
    • Complete zyBook in addition to mini-labs, video tutorials, a capstone project, and a community of learners and mentors.