Here are some tips to help you get started:

Stay positive.
Frame your students’ zyBooks experience as normal. Consider not telling them you are just trying it out, but present it just like you would any required course material. Use the Presentation mode feature to introduce concepts from the zyBook during class, further demonstrating the value of the zyBook.
Require zyBook assignments for a grade.
Our most successful classes consistently require the zyBook as one of their primary course materials. Only about 6% of instructors assign no points to zyBook activity; in fact, over 50% of instructors set more than 10% of their course grade based on zyBooks activities.
Configure your zyBook to match your class.
Align chapters with your course syllabus. Create assignments with due dates to encourage completion. Add instructor notes to further demonstrate the effort you’ve already put into the zyBook for the students’ benefit.
Address rearranged activities.
If you move sections and chapters into new order, you may render the instructions for an activity incomplete or confusing. Consider adding an instructor note with comments or new instructions altogether to cover information that was assumed to precede that activity.
The zyLab tool is an authoring platform. To get the most out of it, you need to create your own content, not just use the sample labs. See our tips for getting started with zyLabs here.
Stay in touch with your zyBooks team!
Your Account Executive, Strategic Accounts Manager, and the support team at are all ready to help when questions, confusion, or frustration arises. Let’s keep an open dialogue and make sure you and your students are getting the best zyBooks experience.