What software should I use to have the best zyBooks experience?

Please visit the zyBooks system requirements page for the most up to date supported software details.

Should I still subscribe if I am waitlisted for my class? What if I drop a class? Can I request a refund?

zyBooks are typically non-refundable. However, If you drop a class, or were waitlisted and didn’t get in, email support@zybooks.com to request a refund exception.

  • Requests must be received within one week of the drop or the notice of not getting in, and should be within a reasonable timeframe from the start of class (refunds are not granted near a term’s end or after). zyBooks staff may require evidence.
  • If you forgot to request, don’t worry — if you take the same class later, you can request a credit.
  • We cannot refund purchases made through bookstores. Check your bookstore’s policy.
  • If your purchase enabled a discount on another zyBook, any refund will be partial, to account for such discount.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Banks may take 5-10 business days to process refunds. A refund may appear on your bank statement as a reversal: The original payment drops off, with no separate credit.

Email support@zybooks.com to request a refund. If approved, refunds may appear on the bank statement as a reversal, in which case the original payment will drop off of your bank statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

Why am I seeing a charge from “ZYBOOKS COLLEGE TXTBOOK”?

zyBooks are online interactive textbooks for high school and college courses. Sometimes a student uses a friend or family member’s card to purchase their zyBook and one of the parties forgets this. If you still are unsure why you are being charged, please contact support@zybooks.com.

If I am retaking a class, can I get a discount?

If you are retaking the same class, zyBooks is happy to offer a free subscription for subsequent enrollment in the same class. Email the new zyBook code to support@zybooks.com, letting us know that you are retaking the class.

I paid for a subscription, but when I sign in it says I have to pay again. Why?

This is usually due to a student creating two accounts. Perhaps a school has different emails, like joe.schmoe@youruniversity.edu, then joe.schmoe@student.youruniversity.edu. Or perhaps the student mistyped their email the first time, like joe.schmoe@youruniversty.edu (missing i), or joe.schmoe@youruniversity.com (ends in .com rather than .edu). If you do not remember the original email you used, contact support@zybooks.com.

If I am on financial aid, how do I purchase my subscription?

The first chapter is available for free, so you can immediately sign up for your course zyBook without making a payment. zyBooks are much lower-priced than typical textbooks, so the vast majority of financial aid students initially pay out-of-pocket, receiving their financial aid disbursement several weeks into the class term (thus effectively being reimbursed). In rare hardship cases, we may defer payment for a few weeks; email support@zybooks.com to request deferment.

What if I completed work, but my instructor doesn’t see it?

Make sure the zyBook code you are working in (visible in the URL) matches the code provided by your instructor. Also, your instructor may require you to use your school email. You can add an email address on the profile page and then check the “My subscription” panel in your zyBook to ensure it’s being used. If the issue persists, email support@zybooks.com letting them know which activities you are experiencing issues with.

How can I change my email address or password?

You can change your email and password on the Profile page. You can get to the profile page by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner of the page.

I bought an access key, but it doesn’t work.

Contact support@zybooks.com immediately. Please include the access key, zyBook code, and let us know where you purchased the key so we can help you subscribe and try to prevent your classmates from experiencing the same issue.

How do I change my class section?

To change your class section, navigate to your zyBook and click the “My subscription” panel on the right side of the screen.

My zyBook code was unrecognized.

You should let your instructor know, as they may need to update their syllabus with the correct zyBook code. You can also email support@zybooks.com. Let us know the incorrect zyBook code as well as your instructor’s name and email so we can look up the zyBook code for your class. Let us know where you got the incorrect code so we can try to prevent other students from experiencing the same issue.

I want to use a zyBook but my class is not using zyBooks.

zyBooks is happy to let students subscribe to our materials to catch up or get ahead in their classes.

If you are a student with an existing zyBook account, please contact support@zybooks.com  and indicate which zyBook(s) you would like to purchase and why you want to use the product(s).

If you are a student or professional without a zyBook account, please complete this form.

I tried to change my email, but was told an account with that email already existed.

If you created two zyBooks accounts and need to have them merged, please send us an email from both accounts to verify that you own both email addresses. If you are unable to send us an email from one of the accounts because there was a typo in the email when you created the account, please let us know.

How long will my zyBook subscription last?

zyBook subscriptions for students in a class typically last for the length of the class. Subscriptions for independent learners last 6 months. You can check when your subscription ends on the “My subscription” panel in your zyBook. If you would like, you have the option to extend access to your zyBook for a nominal fee.

Can I print my zyBook for use when I’m offline or after my class ends?

You can print 1 chapter of a zyBook at a time as a .pdf document. Browse to the chapter you’d like to print in the table of contents menu and clicking the “Print chapter” button. Note that interactive activities will no longer work when a zyBook is printed to a .pdf.

What’s a zyBook code? What’s an access key?


Every class gets a unique zyBook that an instructor can configure. Each class zyBook thus gets a unique zyBook code, usually indicating the university, course, maybe instructor, and term. Example: USpringfieldCS101SimpsonFall2017 Entering the code takes the student to that zyBook’s subscription page for payment (if not already subscribed).


While most students subscribe to a zyBook directly at zybooks.com, some purchase a unique access key at their bookstore. After entering a zyBook code, the student can enter that key on the zyBook’s subscription page in lieu of payment. Access keys are 32 characters long. Example: 95384ee7c97aeabc491af8dea3b3ca7b Each key can only be used once.

Who should I contact if I need help with a technical issue related to my subscription?

Can’t find an answer to your question? Email our support team and an analyst will get back to you as soon as possible.

We strive to provide the fastest support possible. To help us achieve this, please provide the following information in your support request.

  1. zyBook code
  2. A detailed description of your problem.
  3. Screenshots, if you think they’ll help.