Topics Covered

What You’ll Find In This zyBook:

More action with less text.

  • Numerous coding problems for core C++ programming skills, including assignments/expressions, branches, loops, functions, and vectors
  • Compile and execute in a web-based programming environment
  • Auto-tests against test cases to provide immediate helpful feedback
  • Complete solutions and solution notes are immediately available
  • Helps students strengthen core programming skills, become better programmers, do better on exams, and have more success in job interviews

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The zyBooks Approach

Less text doesn’t mean less learning.

Any skill, whether shooting a basketball, playing piano, or programming, requires extensive practice. Coding Practice Problems for C++ provides a web-based coding environment with dozens of problems to help you hone your skills and develop your confidence as a programmer. When you compile and execute code, the platform returns immediate feedback, so you’ll know your strengths and get help with challenges. This product is an excellent tool for exam preparation, since many of the problems are derived from actual exam problems at various universities.

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