Assignments…and a surprise!

From time to time, the product team at zyBooks loves to surprise customers (in a good way)! That’s why in this post, we are announcing not one but TWO new platform features available in your zyBooks right now. We’ve been talking about one for a few months now, but the other is most likely a pleasant surprise!


Assignments are now available for all zyBooks users. This feature allows you to assign specific tasks, such as completing Participation, Challenge, and/or Lab activities, and to set due dates. Your students will be guided through content on your schedule, and will immediately know their progress as well as what they should be working on that day. Instructors can choose to set up LMS gradebook integration/sync or use assignments as part of the existing zyBooks reporting system. Check out the video below.

Announcing…a new search tool!

Web-based search functionality has drastically improved with the advances of Google and the advent of personal assistant apps. Users expect a higher level of detail when searching for information. To that end, we have released an updated search tool that is optimized with additional content suggestions. You will see relevant activities as well as sections.

When a user begins to enter a search item, the full zyBook is searched to suggest matching topics. When a search topic is selected, all relevant items of that term or phrase are delivered, including readings, definitions, animations and activities. Check out a video of the new feature below.

We’ll continue to bring you new content and features to enhance your zyBooks experience. What kind of “surprise” would you like to see next?